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Groove-E-Juice Lava Lounge Kent Ohio

About Groove-E-Juice

A few years ago, a couple of Groove-E dudes began the transition of stopping smoking and picked up some electronic ones. Soon after, they quit the real things entirely. Sure, inhaling the thousands of ingredients in a cigarette, like Carbon monoxide, cyanide and ammonia seemed like fun for a season, but eventually we came to a point where we decided that we enjoyed living, and didn't want to hinder the trip any more than we already have. We decided to follow a path that would prolong that experience, and now want to help the rest of the world enjoy the Vaping experience.

Bummed out by several bad bottles of juice from other suppliers and the mass produced stuff from China, we set out to make our own. The Groove-E Dudes spent countless hours, many late nights mixing and experimenting until we came up with stuff so far out that we just had to share. Thus, the birth of Groove-E-Juice. Maximum flavor, lots of love and the highest level of ingredients on the market make our juices some of the best on the planet :)

We take a lot of pride in our flavor mixes and have spent countless hours creating what we feel are the perfect blends of flavors, sure to make your taste buds happy and your day more Groove-E. Enjoy!~