Shipping & Payments

Online Ordering & Payments

We accept many forms of payments at the Groove-E-Juice store. You can order online with your credit card through our secure servers. We will warn you in advance. It's sometimes kind of a pain in the ass. It is the law to check ID when purchasing vape supplies and we do just that when you place your order. We use a system called Blue Check. This keeps us compliant and allows us to continue hooking you up with the best Juice on the planet. We know the software will sometimes be a pain, and are continually searching to bring you the best web experience we can. That said, If the online ordering software is not cooperating when trying to place your order, please call us at 234-571-1100 and we will assist you or take your order over the phone.  We offer several options if you choose to pick your juice up at our store in downtown Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio where we take cash and credit. We would possibly consider trades for llamas, flights to Europe... maybe tickets to a Pink Floyd reunion. Maybe. 

The Vape world has changed when it comes to shipping products. More carriers are banning the shipment of vapor products to consumers across the country, including USPS, UPS and FEDEX.

As the shipping landscape changes, prices are expected to rise as alternate methods of shipping will become more prevalent.

Please bear with as we continue to find cost effective methods of delivery of your products.


In Store Pickup

Can you take a guess what this is? Just like it sounds. Come on out and visit us at our home in Downtown Cuyahoga Falls and while you're at it, check out all the new additions and products here at the shop. If you need your order quickly, give us a heads up and call us at 234-571-1100 and we'll be sure to have it ready and waiting for you.

...Better yet. You can just call us and place your order, too. Don't have to use the site. Just call us up, tell us what you want and when you're coming in to get it. Cool? Cool.