In the ever changing landscape of the vape world today, many are going flavorless or making their own E-liquid.

The Groove is partnering with the best companies to assure you can make your favorite flavor combination in the comfort of your own home. Though Groove-E-Juice is no longer manufacturing E-Liquids anymore, we want to assure that you, the user, have all the gear and knowledge you need to carry on the tradition. Our recipes and intellectual property has been sold to Groove Extracts LLC to remain in production in the food and DIY space as they see fit.

We are also carrying their ENTIRE LINE of professional grade flavors coming very soon!

There is a silver lining to this cloud- our DIY flavors are designed and created for the food industry and have hundreds of uses! Ever wonder what alice in candyland might taste like in your smoothie? Or how much Crunchy Munchy would taste as a hard candy? Now you can see for yourself. DIY flavors are fantastic in everything backing to candy making, drink mixes and more!