About us

Welcome to Groove-E-Juice! 

We'd love to tell you our story, on how all of the Groove-E dudes and dudettes here at Groove-E-Juice used to be prisoners of addiction to Big Tobacco, and found a way to kick the habit for good using a revolutionary piece of technology...

But legally we cannot anymore. So we're not going to go into that.

In 2011, the founders of Groove-E-Juice picked up their first E-Cigs. Bummed out by several bad bottles of juice from other suppliers and the mass produced stuff from China, we quickly realized that we can do a better job, and make our own liquids using the finest available ingredients, nicotine sourced from the US and a hand crafted touch that sets Groove-E-Juice at a level higher than any mass produced E-Liquid company can create. The Groove-E Dudes spent countless hours, many late nights mixing and experimenting until we came up with stuff so far out that we just had to share. Thus, the birth of Groove-E-Juice.  Maximum flavor, lots of love and the highest quality ingredients on the market make our juices some of the best on the planet :)

We take a lot of pride in our flavor mixes and have spent countless hours creating what we feel are the perfect blends of flavors, sure to make your taste buds happy and your day more Groove-E.  Enjoy!~